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Hello and welcome to the next generation of information management.

Systemic consensus wiki 0.1 (alpha) from the association for information administration.

Our goal is to improve an existing Wiki software with implementation of specific rules and techniques and to form a cooperative for information management.

Here u find and overview of the since 2008 collectet documents, informations and scientific source of supply to these topics.
Der Zentrale Dreh und Angelpunkt meiner Forschungsarbeit im Bereich Informations- Extraktion & Kombination ist ein Wiki das durch Funktionen des Systemischen Konsensierens (kurz SK-Prinzip) und allgemeinen Regeln ergänzt wird.
The central point of my research work in the field of information- extraction & combination is the Wiki software that shold be expandet with functions of the systemic consensus and generall rules for collaborations.

For this research i (Claus Wiesinger) got 2010 a facilitation from the Austrian economics board and the research and development fund over 5.000€ which i spend in cooperation with the ÖIAT, and 2017 some more 10.000€ and 3.750€ of my own capital, that i spend with the Salzburg research center in more development.

To the report!


This all is at the moment a theoretical concept, and i am on the search for furthermore cooperations partners, for this i am pleased to answer your questions.

To achieve this goal, it is planned to form a organisation, this should aim to clear the theoretical questions into pracitcal applications for further development.

Critics on Wikipedia

The critics of Wikipedia is not new, but it has grown much more sophisticated in the last time.

Here i wanna give a quick overview over the critics and help to understand and illustrade the problems.
For the solution of a problem, u have to understand the roots of it.

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Religion & Wikipedia: The ‘Edit Wars’ Rage On
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Based on the understanding of these problems (as above under the menue critics on Wikipedia) these rules and basic keynotes where developed.

Only personified and by name and place known persons can participate here.
For each individual will be an interview held, please contact me on this at -> Claus.W@gmx.net
Not known persons CAN post here (anonym), but they do not have an claim on consideration in the further process, if there information is not usefull for this.
Anonymous sources will be accepted, to give whistleblower the possibility to contribute information, these underly the above rules.

The development of an FINISHED wiki article comes with the following implementation and processes:
* known persons are the only one who can edit an article.
* on the discussion site will be gathered informations.
* everyone have the possibility to articulate combined and neutral collections.
* changes to an existing article will be made due to votings with the systemic consensus principe, trou out all known and participating authors.
* after an sucessfull voting, only those articles will be put forward to the mainpage who have the lowest SC-value.
* participating persons musst vote there opinion on each article they are engaging, this is made due to ther SC-system.

All those processes are made manually, further technical development are a task for this organisation and the owner of this side.

Solutions & Basics

Criticism without an solution is no progress.

Therefore here some sources that should help to find a solution to our problems.

Goal of this cooperation of individuals is it, to relate to existing problems (such as in society, academic and practical) and develop easy accessible solutions. We do not only consider the overwelming majority, but also act for the minority and offer all those the possibility to explain there views. This is ensured with the SC-concept, with moderation assisted and organizational implemented.

As an example we take the information technology and the farming business.
Due to the overwelming dominance of microsoft in the field of operating systems, it should be the goal the strengthen the organisation, management and development of open source software. To provide an structure for those toppics and allow the persons engaged in this process an better work flow.
A goal could be, that problems with open source could be more easy to understand for non computer geeks and made more easy to handle.
It can be seen, that in the question of soft ware problems, and the search for drivers, in different forums, here is an enormous potential for optimisation.
Those insights should aim to deploy a more efficient organisation, management (such as the payment of developers) and products (commercial viability).

In the field of agriculture, the goal should be to analyse existing structures and with the help of reasearch make more practical solutions.
As an example, a study of the immune system development of bees.
This theoretical insight, needs an deployment into reality (such as many other insights), the necessary organisation and management is the goal of this project.
Therefore theorie and useability will be put together with the persons to achieve solutions.

Here are some more links and funny memes to make the problems more visible and help understand the fundamental thories.

Logic & Language – Course on using logic to understand language

i disapprove of what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it

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The Nature and Limits of the Majority Principle
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Blockchain Will Save Free Speech
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The Fallaxy Files: Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies
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Logic & Arguments – premises & conclusions, truth, deduction vs. Induction

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