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"We will remain focused on this task as long as it takes to bring her to loved ones awaiting her recovery.The flash flood happened on Fall Creek Road south of Jupiter Way, according to Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin.Water moving forcefully across the road overtook one vehicle. Out of the five people inside, two were able to escape. However, the other three people remained inside the vehicle.Rescue and recovery crews are still searching for the three people in areas that are safe for them to access.

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cheap jordan shoes With the diversity that Black Locust Society has brought to Broward County, there is no shortage of talented 20 somethings making music of all kinds and certainly no shortage of the hip hop sound within the confines of a group. Though there is one that stands out above the rest this year, and while the hunt for Best Hip Hop Act grew increasingly more difficult the closer to deadline, Gaps (Ricardo Tejeda) gave a performance a notch above at this year's Block x Blog festival that sealed it for New Times. With rhythms that break tradition and soar beyond delay and feedback, Gaps has been refining his sound for the past ten years here in Broward. cheap jordan shoes

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cheap jordans for sale The first of two articles in this list offering advice on where to invest in real estate, this early November article was a rundown of the Real Estate Investment Network's annual rankings. The research and education group identified the top 10 cities and regions in the province to put your money into bricks and mortar, based on a number of factors. Do you remember which city came out on top again? Click through the link above for a reminder. cheap jordans for sale

cheap air jordans Finally, it was tough to choose between two of the headliners Sunday night Justice and St. Vincent. Justice, a French duo, upped the energy 300% with a dance party accompanied by an incredibly timed light show. Resistance by the company's workforce emerged again last year, when thousands of Nike workers in Vietnam went on strike over poor working conditions and low wages. Workers rejected a 5 percent wage increase and said that the company's meals were not sufficient or healthy enough to sustain productive work. In 2008, more than 20,000 workers at Taiwanese owned Ching Luh factory struck demanding higher pay, to cope with rising prices. cheap air jordans

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